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BLANK WHEEL RED 51MM ppp (set of four)
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We carry skateboarding gear from manufacturers including Element, Blind, Destructo, Baker, Black Label, Birdhouse, Flip, Tensor, Tracker, World Industries, Spitfire, Protec, Jessup, Zoo York, Powell Peralta, Dogtown and many more.
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Classicboardco is the only online skateboard shop that has live support on standby 7 days a week to answer your sales questions or to keep you informed about your order after you make your purchase with us.
Why wonder when your order will arrive or wait for lengthy email responses with the other skateboard shops. We are here for you whenever you need us, all you have to do is click our live support icon and be instantly connected.
We offer the fastest shipping in the skateboard industry. If you order before 2pm then your order is on the UPS truck by 5pm and if you order after 2pm then your order ships the first thing tomorrow. Guaranteed!
Nobody ships skate gear faster than Classicboardco and we guarantee it.

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With how popular skateboarding is, there are piles of cheaper skateboards out there. Some just look cheap, but some have trusted brand names, or even pro skateboarder endorsements. How do you tell if a cheaper skateboard that you've found at your local department store or sporting goods section is a good skateboard or not?

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A reader with ollie problems wrote in and asked,

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Read the true story of Dogtown and the zephyr team (Z-boys). Starting out as a surfing team from Dogtown in Santa Monica, the Zephyr team changed skateboarding forever. These guys were lords and masters of the low, fluid style of skateboarding. Read all about the Zephyr team, their start as surfers, and how the team launched from Dogtown to impact the world of skateboarding. Page 2.

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Skateboarder Work Out Routine

Skateboarding is an excellent form of exercise all on its own, but sometimes you want to work out and build muscles to make yourself a stronger, faster and even more stable skater! These workouts can be used to help you keep your skateboarding edge in the winter or when you're injured and can't skate, or you can use them to build your body and make yourself into a powerful, dangerous skateboarding machine!

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Rock to Fakie, Learn how to Rock to Fakie, skateboarding trick tips. Step by step instructions on the rock to fakie skateboarding ramp / vert / miniramp / quarterpipe of halfpipe lip trick. Learn about foot placement for the rock to fakie, how to lean, how to rock and roll, and variations, plus problems and trouble shooting. Read these how to Rock to Fakie instructions and learn how to do this skateboarding trick!

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Cheap Skateboards - A list of the best quality cheap skateboards for sale. Saving money when shopping for skateboards is important, but you don't want to buy garbage. Get the cheapest skateboard you can, that is still good quality.

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Beginners Skateboards Buyers Guide for Kids and Children - buying a new skateboard for your child for Christmas or a birthday? It can be tough to know exactly what to buy - the terms can be confusing, and the process more complicated than it needs to be for buying a beginner skateboard for a kid or your child. Check out this Beginners Skateboarders Buyers Guide for Kids and Children for help.

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Setting Up a Slide Deck - Sliding Gear and...

Sliding can be one of the most enjoyable facets of downhill skateboarding. Few things simulate the feeling of slashing a wave or throwing an edge into deep powder like sliding can. Besides the fun, there’s utility: a well-placed slide in a moment of danger can save your life. One of the best things about sliding is that so much can be done with a simple deck, some hard wheels and bearings that can take a beating. Read how in these Setting Up a Slide Deck instructions!

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Bushings Definition - Bushings in the Skateboarding Dictionary and glossary of skateboarding terms. Bushings are rubbery rings that are fit into skateboard trucks. Skateboard trucks usually have two bushings per truck. One bushing is in the heart of the truck, and provides the flex and springiness of the truck, for turning and what not. The other bushing is smaller, and set right beneath the head of the kingpin, allowing the more in the Bushings entry in the skateboarding dictionary.

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Wheels - Bones One Hundreds

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Posted on 27 September 2016 | 7:35 am

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