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PENNY WHEELS 59mm CLR.PURPLE .pc (set of four)
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We carry skateboarding gear from manufacturers including Element, Blind, Destructo, Baker, Black Label, Birdhouse, Flip, Tensor, Tracker, World Industries, Spitfire, Protec, Jessup, Zoo York, Powell Peralta, Dogtown and many more.
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Should I Skateboard in the Rain? Skating in the rain is not a good idea. The wood of your deck will want to soak up water and warp, and the bearings won't like being wet. So basically no. However, sometimes you might just need to. Here are some things to do if you must skateboard in the rain!

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Does Cold Weather Make Skateboards Break Easily?

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A Beginner Skateboarder's Guide to the Manual

Learn how to manual on a skateboard - The Manual skateboarding trick is where the skateboarder balances on his or her back wheels while rolling along (something like a wheelie on a bike - read more in the Skateboarding Dictionary). The Manual is a great skateboarding trick to learn - it's different from all the regular technical flip tricks, and adds a good variety. Plus, learning to manual on your skateboard isn't all that hard - it just takes balance and lots of practice. Learn how here.

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Tips to Improve Skateboard Safety

Skateboard safety is very important. Skateboard safety is a tricky topic. It's impossible to really stay 100% safe while skating, but there are things you can definitely do to improve your chances!

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Building your own skateboard grind Box isn't too much work, and it's great to have your own skateboard grind Box at home! These step by step plans show you how to build your own skateboard grind ledge. If you follow these instructions, you'll end up with a skateboard grind ledge that's 8' long, 2' wide and 1' tall. This project should cost less than a hundred bucks, and less than a day of work to build.

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Skateboarding Gifts Under $10 Top 10 Buyers Guide - for stocking stuffers or extra Christmas gifts to add to the pile, or even for birthday presents that won't break your bank, this list of the top 10 skateboarding gifts under $10 should give you some great ideas. Links are provided to online skateboarding shops where you can buy these, but I recommend asking at your own local skate shop - you will save money in shipping, and be able to see what you are getting!

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What are the lightest skateboard decks available? With so many skateboards on the market, finding the lightest skateboard decks can be tough. Having the lightest skateboard deck will increase your ollie height, and give you more control over your board, but your deck will be more fragile. That's the trade off, to get the lightest skateboard deck on the market!

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Mystery Skateboard Decks Review - Mystery is a relatively new skateboard company that makes decks, wheels and all kinds of other gear, all with their classic white and black design, and the Mystery heart with a lightning bolt logo. Buying skateboard decks from a newer company can be dangerous, but Mystery skateboard decks are strong, flexible and look good. Plus, the Mystery skateboarding pro team is pretty awesome as well! Read more about Mystery skateboard decks in this review.

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BoardPusher Custom Skateboard Decks

BoardPusher is a company that offers custom printed skateboards with whatever graphics on them that YOU choose. This means, you can make your deck look like … anything you want! To try this out, I jumped onto the BoardPusher website, and created a deck for myself. I wanted to see how good the quality was, and how easy it was to use their tools – and I was very impressed. Read this article about BoardPusher custom skateboard decks for more...

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Skateboarding Stretches and Exercise

Dealing with injuries, skateboarding exercises and stretches, recovery and rehab, and what you can do to get better after getting hurt after skating. Physical therapy advice from an expert for skateboarding and skateboarders.

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What Are the Best Beginner Skateboards for Kids?

Buying a new skateboard for your child for Christmas or a birthday? Check out this Beginners Skateboarders Buyers Guide for Kids and Children for help.

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Get in Shape With This Workout Routine for...

Stay in shape when you can't skate or become an even stronger skateboarder by following these skateboarder weight training workouts.

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Red Dragon Apparel (RDS) Clothing Review

RDS (Red Dragon Apparel) is a skateboarding company out of Vancouver, Canada. RDS has a huge line of clothing available, from hats to shirts to pants - even snowboarding clothing. In this review, we'll take a look at a selection of Red Dragon (RDS) clothing.

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Hyper-Carve Longboard Review

Hyper-Carve Longboard Gravity Skateboards Review - The pivotal turning point for almost any longboarder is the realization that not only do they want to skate, but they want to skate with soul. To describe the attributes of a soulful skateboard we can think of nothing better than the 47” of 11 ply goodness that is the Gravity Hypercarve. The board is crafted to provide something to the rider, nose cutouts and tail cutouts. Read more in the Hyper-Carve Longboard Review.

Posted on 28 October 2016 | 7:44 am

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